Empower Agile is a company founded by Danijel Arsenovski,
with mission to promote agile values and principles.

Danijel Arsenovski is an author, software architect, and agile coach. He is the author of books " Professional Refactoring in Visual Basic" and "“ Professional Refactoring in C# and ASP.NET" for Wrox. He has pioneered refactoring on the .NET platform. Arsenovski is a contributing author for Visual Studio Magazine, .NET Developers Journal, and Visual Systems Journal. He holds the Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) certification, and was named Microsoft MVP in 2005. Feel free to drop by at his blog at Recently, he has been recognized as a trainer by Agile University. Danijel is fluent in both English and Spanish and all his courses are delivered in both languages.


Angel Valdez Lopez 

Angel Valdez Lopez is a senior software architect with more than 15 years of international experience. Important points on his work trajectory are his time with ISBAN and Altec companies of Santander Group where there has been more than 7000 data management, software control, exploitation and development professionals under his portfolio. Angel holds a Computer Science Major and is working on his Master’s degree in Information Systems Engineering. Lately, as a part of his interest in software development methodology, he is working on the ways to reconcile the CMMI and agile world by creating a more dynamic and flexible environment inside a CMMI level 5 company through harnessing diverse agile practices and techniques.

Bojan Mihaljevic 

Bojan Mihaljevic is a software developer with more than 7 years of “in the trenches” experience. He has worked as a software developer in Chile and in Europe (Switzerland) and is actually making preparations for his Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence. He is a Java Certified Developer, a platform that he specializes upon. He maintains special interest for Python and dynamic languages in general. He has discovered benefits of agile practices like Test Driven Design and Continuous Integration and is working towards improving and sharing his knowledge in this area with other developers.


Paola Donoso Reyes 

In charge of Customer Relatinship and Marketing Department.

Published books 

Professional Refactoring in C# and ASP .NET

I wish every "programmer" would read this book  

Dustin Davis "Programmers Unlimited"

Buy Both it is worth it!!!
Both the VB.NET and C# & ASP.NET Refractoring books are great. Each has it´s own unique sections, while at the same time they cover the same refractorings, smells, and Object-Oriented Design Principles in detail.


Professional Refactoring in Visual Basic

"In this book, the author will address refactoring topics from the envisioning of their benefits to the current ways of putting refactoring into practice. Danijel Arsenovski has been involved in refactoring techniques, both in the .NET and Java platforms, since their earliest versions. He has delivered speeches at several conferences, given talks, and held workshops on this subject, and driven successful refactoring projects in the banking industry.

As one of the leaders in development tools, Microsoft has been committed to delivering best-of-breed resources to the people who deal daily with coding activities and software projects as a whole. Through its undisputably winning Visual Studio IDE, Microsoft makes refactoring an out-of-box facility just a right-click away from your code. In these pages, Danijel will show you how refactoring may be practiced in Visual Basic as easily as you do copy-paste or any other editing activities! I dare tell you, dear reader, that you have one of the most proven and fundamental guides on these techniques. Enjoy reading this book!"
Diego Dagum
Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
The Architecture Journal Editor in Chief
MSDN Magazine Editorial Director

"Arsenovski has done a great job with this book. It is clearly written, easy to follow and very practical. A great one to keep on the shelf and reference as needed. The free tools that he covers in the book are a bonus! They really help to get you applying what you've learned quickly.

I highly recommend this book for any .NET developer, not just those who use Visual Basic.!"
Jason Down

Published articles

.NET Developers Journal: Why Code Snippets Are Not My Cup of Tea

Visual Systems Journal: Moving up the technology stack: VB6 migration reality check

Visual Systems Journal: Refactoring – the elixir of youth for legacy VB code

Visual Studio Magazine: Combine Static and Dynamic Types