The best way to learn is while tackling the real life problems and while working on real life solution. By being the part of the team, and working side by side with other developers, our consultant will take the role of mentor and coach applying agile development practices on real life projects while taking into the accounts interests and necessities of the whole team.

Agile Software Development Services

We deliver fully functional software in small, short iterations, generally lasting two weeks or less. You (the customer) can try and test the software after every iteration. At the begging of each iteration, you will be able to change the requirements and priorities, thus helpoing you react swiftly to changing market conditions.
We have years of experience in financial, banking, travel, hotel industry, legacy systems integration, Web 2.0 (Rich Internet Applications), SOA Architecture etc. Our preferred platform is Groovy and Grails, but we are also more than competent in .NET, J2EE, Python, RoR etc.

Agile Immersion

It has been proven that traditional team cannot compete with successful agile teams in the aspects of productivity or product quality.
Today, agile methodologies with their pragmatic view of the development process are being widely adopted. Our consultant will help your team in getting with grips with fundamental agile principles and practices.

Agile development practices for traditional teams

Many companies have invested a lot of time and resources in implementing some of traditional methodologies like RUP or becoming CMMI or ISO certified. While these methodologies address many of organizational and management issues, they generally do not focus on improving essential development and programming practices.
For such companies, adopting some of agile development practices can bring high return in the areas of productivity and software quality. This consultancy is geared towards traditional teams who wish to integrate some of agile development practices like Refactoring, Test Driven Development, and Continuous Integration etc. into their development process.