Collaborative, team-based, visual and interactive forms of work need adequate space.

After helping many teams adopt agility, we have found that in most cases the spaces need to modified to be suitable for the new ways of collaborative work.

Space for Collaboration

Open spaces, where people can move freely, form groups, work standing and using collaborative spaces such as blackboards, walls, maps etc are needed.



Adaptable spaces

Workspaces should be designed so that you can easily reconfigure and adapt to different working dynamics and needs of the workers themselves.



Design based on actual space usage

In order to provide an optimal space design, it is necessary to observe the space in actual use. We’ll approach the design process in Agile manner: The design will be performed in iterations and incorporating the feedback from the actual space usage.



The work must be more than a boring routine. Within the workspaces should be considered informal places of entertainments and relaxation, for those moments in which knowledge workers need rest, pause or is seek to change the current mindset.



People can feel "lost" in the open spaces. While these foster collaboration, can cause an invasion of privacy and even distraction. Therefore, spaces that allow people to have places for privacy and temporary isolation should be included in the design.


Information Radiators

Radiators will help the team to focus and exploit spaces to provide current and relevant information.


The Expertise

In order to enlist the help of a skilled and experienced professional, we have decided to incorporate into agile work spaces design Deyan Radovanovic. Deyan has degree in Spatial Design from the United Kingdom and won scholarship Newcastle College, where he ended his studies with highest distinction. Participates in the exhibition "New Designers 05" in London finishing within the top 5 in the category of architectural design spaces. He has worked designing scenarios for theater, commercial and residential, industrial spaces, exhibitions, events, retail, outdoor, etc.